New Print info: "Black Widow"

November 22, 2016

This year I was content on venturing into some unfamiliar stretches of water along the Bishop Creek canyon in Eastern California. It was a windy autumn day and the leaves were falling at a rapid rate. I came upon a swirly mass of leaves in somewhat of a gulf you might say, a tiny tide pool of autumn in full spin. It was a very unplanned and pleasant surprise. I actually came back a few times over a stretch of several days so that I could see how the light was effecting the pool at morning mid day and sunset. The results varied with each time off day yielding quite different looks. I may release a color image as well, but here is a black and white snap that I thought held up nicely in the frame. I call it black widow for the obvious circular web of yellow leaves spinning in the foreground, appearing white when converted to black and white. And because I love the song "Black Widow" from a band called Rough Cutt. My picture, my rules.

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