Left Of


Location:Malibu Pier, Malibu Ca

"A frequent traveller to the pacific shores that crash along the banks of the Malibu Pier, hardly have I ever seen a cloudy sky like this. I took this image on a tripod, her legs sipping the cool waters of the pacific as she often does, just before the sun came up and illuminated these strange arched clouds like the spotlight from a circus grandmaster. Hardly ever will you catch me shooting a sunrise from left of the pier. Hence the name “left of”. You see I’m a sucker for the dramatic light of direct sunbeams thru piercing clouds, front and center, exploding light and red fiery light, as seagulls and starfish dance in the radiance of morning bliss…. so it’s in my best interest…. At least I thought it was…… to be “right of” the pier upon sunrise.  It’s for this reason that I often miss the soft tones of light and color that often happen 180 degrees from the sunset and sunrise points of horizon breakage. That’s what we have here… illuminated clouds from ambient light as a result of clear easterly skies and a sunrise yet to peak over the Santa Monica mountain range at my back. It all sounds so exciting doesn’t it? Not the greatest philosophy for such a rainbow hunter as I am, “Right Of” at sunrise that is, considering rainbows happen with your back to the sun… well, it’s no wonder I’ve had such dismal luck at catching a rainbow over the Pier. Lucky for me I’m stubborn and persistent to the 11th degree. I’ll catch that rainbow soon enough. But for now, here’s a little pink stormy sunrise I call “Left Of”."-pacheco

Date: 07-19-2012
Time: 05:57:28 AM
Camera and lens info: S125 F9. 40MM

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